HPC Modules

After the Spring 2016 upgrade to the KSU HPC cluster, the new management node utilizes Modules to load software on the RedHat operating system. For administration, this allows better management of dependencies and avoidance of possible conflicts between software titles and versions of the same software. For users, this means a slight change to running jobs on the HPC.

A. Before calling a program manually (without the use of Torque via “qsub”):

To display the modules available to you on the system.
     [NetID@manage ~]$ module avail
To load a single module. (Example. PHYLLIP)
     [NetID@manage ~]$ module load PHYLLIP
To list which modules you currently have loaded.
     [NetID@manage ~]$ module list
To load a non-default version when multiples aversions are available.
     [NetID@manage ~]$ module load MAFFT/7.222
To show help with the commands and arguments for modules
     [NetID@manage ~]$ module help

B. A module can be loaded automatically upon user login.

You will meet to add the program to your ~/.modules file
     [NetID@manage ~]$ module initadd MATLAB
You can view what is automatically loaded for your session.
     [NetID@manage ~]$ module initlist

C. When using scripts to start a program.

The script will need to contain a load module line module load modulefile

For a list of all software installed, see https://web.kennesaw.edu/acs/hpc-software