High-Performance Computing

The KSU High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster is a set of computers networked together designed for data-intensive computing. There are 30 nodes with over 500 CPU cores available for computation. The HPC runs on linux and has tools for math, biology, chemistry, statistics, astronomy, scheduling jobs and managing the cluster.

HPC Software List

While many of the titles on the software list are open-source, there are some that have been funded by the KSU CIO (Ex. MATLAB and Gaussian). If you don’t see what you were looking for, please don’t hesitate to start a service request (service@kennesaw.edu or x6999).

For those interested in HPC discussions and the latest updates on HPC at KSU, there is a list set up. Please contact the KSU service desk (x6999 or service@kennesaw.edu) to request a subscription.